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Diagnosing and Treating Asthma in your Dog

Did you know that asthma can be fatal to humans and dogs alike?  It’s a serious disease yet, quite manageable if you know what to look out for and put in place a proper treatment plan.  As your pet’s Nanny, I am trained in what to look for so, I wanted to pass along my knowledge to you.  Keep reading to learn more about signs of asthma in dogs, diagnosis, and common treatment plans.  It could save your dog’s life. Signs that your dog might have asthma: Rapid and/or shallow breathing Lethargy Bluish gums Low tolerance for exercise Loss of appetite Chronic cough Shortness of breath Wheezing Diagnosing asthma in your dog: If your dog exhibits any of the above mentioned symptoms of asthma, you should consult your vet as soon as possible.  The earlier you diagnose your pet, the better.  When assessing your dog’s symptoms, your vet will take many things into consideration.  He will begin with an overall examination of your pet’s health.  This many include x-rays of the lungs and blood work.  In this examination, your vet will also be looking to rule out other diseases that have the same or similar symptoms. Once your dog is diagnoses with asthma, your vet will put in place a treatment plan.  First, your vet will work with you to identify triggers of your dog’s asthma attacks. Some of the possible triggers are: Exercise Dry air Dust Smoke Pollen While this list is not all inclusive, these are common triggers that may hinder your dog’s ability to breathe and exacerbate his or her condition. Treatment of your dog’s asthma:...

6 Products to Help Calm Your Dog on the 4th of July

As you do last minute grocery shopping for your 4th of July celebration, don’t forget to stop off at the pet store and pick up some popular calming products.  Your dog will thank you! The Thundershirt – This easy to use shirt relieves stress and anxiety for your dog by applying pressure to your dog’s chest.  It creates a similar effect as the pressure therapy that veterinarians and trainers have been using for years.   A drug-free solution in the form of a hug, win-win! Ultra-Calm Tablets and Chews – These tablets and chews are a unique blend of milk protein, hydrolysate, along with flower and root extracts that support calm behavior (and they’re tasty too).  Your dog will be begging for more of these flavored chews.  Just take care to follow dosing instructions. Comfort Zone Spray – This will reduce destructive behaviors and anxiety through the use of calming pheromones.  Pheromones are produced by mother dogs when they’re nursing their pups.  These pheromones help to calm the pup and this product mimics that same reassuring feeling.  There are also diffusers and other products that produce the same results. Smart Bones – (Calming Care)  These chews provide the benefits of rawhide but they’re not actually rawhide.  They are digestible and made with chicken, vegetables and grain as well as chamomile and lavender extracts which are known to calm dogs and their human counterparts.  Your dog can have his calming essences and chew on them too! Homeo-pet Anxiety TFLN – This homeopathic remedy serves to calm pets that are sensitive to loud noises.  This is a drug-free, non-sedative formula that will...