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5 Massages for Dogs – Alternative Therapy

Have you ever considered massage as an alternative medical treatment for your dog?  In the 1990’s, vets began to consider massage as a recognized form of therapy and treatment for animals. There are now many professional organizations which support massage for animals in a variety of ways. There are a several forms of massage techniques as well as benefits which are utilized for the care and well-being of our canine friends. Some of types of massage therapies that are utilized for our canines are: – Recuperation. After surgery or injury. Reduces pain, removes toxins from body after anesthesia and can assist with healing time. – Touch Training. This is a highly recommended massage for puppies, rescues or touch sensitive dogs. Gets them comfortable with being touched. – Aqua. Great for older dogs, dogs with joint issues. The water makes them weightless and less impact on bones, joints and muscles. – Relaxation. To assist your pet with anxiety, stress. The focus is on calming the pet. – Reiki. Based on the Japanese energy healing system. Low impact, gentle and no physical contact. The range of benefits is endless:  – brings the owner closer to awareness of their pet’s bodies and any changes – helps with tear duct issues such as watery eyes – releases endorphins which equal HAPPINESS! – assists with increased range of motion – improves skin and coat conditions by distributing oils – helps out older pets with hip and joint issues as well as arthritis – calms both the pet and the owner – can enhance the quality of life in an older or ill pet. Touch...