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Keeping pets happy and healthy with exercise

Welcome, pet lover! Since you have made your way to our website, then you care enough about your furry friend to look for the best information available to provide your animals with a healthy and happy life! Our goal is to share the tips and tricks that we have learned to make that happen for you. Today, we are going to talk about one of the basics of pet ownership: exercise! Although our pet friends may be cute and cuddly, we can’t forget that their ancestors survived by hunting, stalking, running, and catching their prey. Those traits have been passed on to our pets too, even though we provide them with their daily meals, instead of making them catch food themselves! Cats and dogs still need to engage in these activities for optimum physical and mental health. Did you know that regular exercise and playtime are necessary for your dog to not only be healthy, but happy? Just like we humans need to get our hearts pumping, and bodies moving, dogs of every size and breed need regular activity. One of the simplest activities to ensure your pup is getting what he needs, is a brisk walk at least twice daily. The pace can always be modified to allow for an aging, or special needs dog. If your dog has more energy to burn, you can try playing fetch! Just make sure your yard is enclosed, or you go to a dog-friendly park, to keep your pup safe.   And don’t forget about the kitties! Cats need just as much playtime and mental enrichment as dogs. Some felines are...