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Thank you for your interest in working for Laura the Pet Nanny!  Our sitters are reliable, dependable, and are able to see a project through to completion.  Our clients rely on us to care for their pets and home when they can’t be there, and we must work with pet sitters who will take this job seriously.  This is a serious job, not a job just to be tried out for a short period of time.

If you LOVE animals, desire to spend time with them, and want to make some extra money in the process, this is the job for you.  If you can’t commit to six months, are anticipating moving out of the area, or will be seeking a full time job soon, this is NOT the job for you.  This job is best suited for students, retirees, at home moms with kids in school, and people with extra time during the day.

We area a full service in-home pet sitting company with close to 400 clients and growing in Seminole County and parts of Volusia and Orange County.  We provide primarily the following services:

Midday dog walking: One visit in the middle of the day, Monday through Friday, to visit and walk dogs while their owners are at work.  Walk times are 11:00am-3:00pm;

Vacation pet sitting:  We visit the client’s home several times a day to walk and feed their pets (cats are visited 1-2 times/day; dog are visited 2-4 times/day);

Overnight stays: an extension of vacation pet sitting.  We stay overnight in the client’s home with pets whose owners don’t want them alone overnight.

Adjunct services that might be requested:

  • Pet Taxi: Occasionally taking pets to/from vet or groomer.
  • Errand/wait service: run to the store for food/supplies if client runs out.  Or wait for handyman/delivery etc.
  • House Sitting: Check on house, run water, flush toilets, water plants, pickup mail, check to make sure all is in order.
  • Pet Sitter Home Stays: We are always looking for pet sitters who have room in their homes to take in dogs for short periods of time.  Person must be home a good portion of the day, must have a clean tidy home and willing to let clients come see home prior to making decision.  This may actually work best for someone who isn’t available for a large number of pet sitting visits, but has the room for “borders”.


When a new vacation/dog walk client calls, we decide which sitter or sitters would be most appropriate for the job and will call to offer it to you.  If you accept, you will become their sitter or part of a pair of sitters depending on schedules, and will be called each time they rebook (having the 2nd sitter allows for a back up incase there are schedule conflicts).  With midday clients, we will keep you in a 10 mile radius, and you will visit the same clients on your route, Monday through Friday.

If hired, you will be an Independent Contractor, and will be paid 50% of all jobs you complete.  This percentage can increase in time. You can find out more information on our website:

Thanks again for your interest, we hope you’ll decide to join our team!